ICAT Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L.

División solar

CAT Engineering has been pionner in the photovoltaic sector in Spain and has collaborated and developed the engeneering to companies such as Energés, Oypa Solar, Beesaap Green link, Gines Town Council, Proinsa, among others.

Since 2004, when the RD. 436/04 was approved, our company has been collaborating in studies and development of photovoltaical plants for net injection.

The proposal of our services is characterized by working with the property hand in hand, from the initial location searching procedures and application of the approach point, REPE, evacuation lines, transformation centres, engineering implement projects,actuation plans, environmental impact studies and municipal planning permissions.All that, being concluded in the survey supply and the necessary installers in the best economical market conditions, so as to , finally, obtain the definitive authentication by injecting to the net.

The ICAT enginnering is qualified to stablish a direct contract between suppliers and property, coordinating practices and saving an over price to the process.

Among the studies and carried out works by our company, we have solar plants over coverings(solar roofs) and solar plants over followers (horizontal and athimuz) for net injection.

Photovoltaic injection net plant , 100 kw en the metropolitan park Gines-Sevilla

Photovoltaic Solar Plant -475 kw. Llerena – Badajoz

Promoted by oypa solar s.l

It supplies 100 houses with clean energy.

It avoids the emisión of 415 CO2 tons into atmosphere, contributing to avoid the global warming in our planet.


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